Free Software Synthesizer Offers 4 Billion Presets & Makes Orgasm Noises

autogun-orgasm-synthesizerOh My God!

Yes! Yes!

Image Line has released a new free software synthesizer, AutoGun, that promises to let you search 4,294,967,296 presets for their acoustic potential.

Based on the official screenshot, it also offers a preset that “sounds like an orgasm.”

Who knows? There might be multiple orgasms buried in those 4,294,967,296 presets.

Unfortunately, if you tried the presets at the rate of 1 preset per second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it could take you 136 years to find the awesome orgasm patch. Which could leave you really frustrated.

So don’t be getting all worked up about that patch, OK?

Just remember AutoGun is free, it works on Windows and it has a jillion sounds.

“With so many presets Autogun needs no programming, every sound is already somewhere ‘out there’ you just need to locate it, and you will,” according to Image Line. “Autogun’s sonic landscape is a sonic adventure.”

A sonic adventure?

There’s something to get excited about!

Yes! Yes!


  • Based on the Ogun synthesis engine
  • Enhanced by the Soundgoodizer, maximization engine
  • 4294967296 amazing presets to explore
  • Preset number copy/paste field
  • Preset up/down buttons
  • Volume control

Windows only. Sorry Mac users – no orgasms for you!

Download here.

If you try out AutoGun, leave a comment with your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “Free Software Synthesizer Offers 4 Billion Presets & Makes Orgasm Noises

  1. I have tried Ogun using both Cubase 4 and Reaper. Great looking interface and nice sounds but it causes 'Digital clipping' noise when played. The CPU resources and Ram are not being taxed too heavily and I have tried setting Ougun's playback quality from 'Draft' to 'Pristine' and yet the 'digital clipping noise' remains. At present on my system it is not usable and I hope that this issue is resolved in future upgrades because it is an interesting synth to work with.

  2. so this thing just makes up presets as it goes along?
    I have tried it but I got bored pretty fast. Nothing to tweak get me bored.

  3. i use ableton 8 and it works great within. preset #2571447718 = "SquishedBuzz / Ginsu / Makes me think of an orgasm on sleeping pills." seeing how i just woke from a pill induced slumber this thing is sounding pretty good. no clipping for me – ableton has a very simple very useful driver error compensation.

  4. Here’s my theory–there’s about 20 basic sounds, that have a few parameters randomly tweaked and then a random name/description is generated.

    Most sounds are harsh and metallic, but some good meaty bass sounds too. The sound quality is excellent though.

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