Denon DN-S3500 Demo

This is a demo of the Denon DN-S3500.

The DN-S3500 CD/MP3 player offers a 12-pole Direct Drive motor, 7 on-board effects and intuitive controls.


  • High Torque Direct Drive Motor
  • 7 On-board Effects: (Echo, Echo/Loop, Filter, Flanger, Brake, Dump, & Reverse)
  • 15 Sec. On-board Sampler w/ Sampler Copy Feature!
  • Next Track Reserve With Crossfade

via gearwire:

I am not entirely certain what that title means either, but rest assured that Bill Holland makes use of the Denon DN-S3500 direct drive turntable, among many other fine features, in this demo. He also shaves with his left hand, but unfortunately that’s offscreen.

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