6 thoughts on “Using Korg NanoKONTROL With Ableton Live

  1. Bill Holand.. YOU SUCK man… you cant explain shit ! even my grandmother knows this things….
    Ofcourse you can asign it to do anything MONGOUL… you just have to push midi and then select wich button you want by doubleklickin gon it and then touching you button you wish to be used on the nano Kontrol. as easy as that. Cant believe they let you show this stupid explaining your just an waste of time.. it's not that we want.. what we want is to know specific information and all we can get out of the nano Kontrol LOSER

  2. seriously… right on. What an awful video… doesn't know if it's promotional or instructional. Total mess.

  3. Thanks. Even though I’m using a nanoKONTROL2, this video actually showed me a piece of information which I haven’t found elsewhere and helped me to control Ableton. While the manual does say to select MackieControl as the Control Surface in preferences, it neglected to mention that you also need to set the Input to nanoKONTROL. Maybe that’s obvious to some, but I’m glad it was in this video.

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