Free Moog Drum Machine (Virtual)


Steelberry Clones has released Moog Drum One, a free “Moog drum machine” for Ableton Live 8:

I’ve taken the time to program detailed percussive patches & from these i’m creating sample sets. This is the 1st “Moog Drum One” Drum Rack for Ableton Live 8.

Captured @ 24bit/96k with Lynx converters & DBX 903 compression.

Analog Signal path = Moog Voyager-DBX 903’s-Console EQ-Dominator II- Lynx.

Six velocity samples per pad.

Download : To install, extract the Pack with Live into a folder of your choosing. Then open the extracted project & save the Drum Rack into your library.

You can preview the sound of Moog Drum One below:

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