Symbolic Composer Adds Support For NASA Satellites


Mrac Labs has launched Symbolic Composer 6.0.5 Mac and Symbolic Composer 6.0.1 Windows – now with support for making music from the signals from NASA satellites.

Symbolic Composer 6 is one of the largest high-level music language available, and it is context-free, which means it suits any style. It is based on a written language based on standards, and it also includes a complete collection of mathematical libraries, together with integrated LISP programming environment to make hacks.

Recent additions include musical Space-Weather Monitoring, H1N1 sequence handling and eval-definition & process-evaluation.

“Now SCOM includes NASA Satellites in the composer’s toolbox. The interface functions enables you to read realtime data from NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center. Values are returned as vectors, that can easily be converted to melodic lines, and other compositional parameters”, explains composer Janusz Podrazik.

ACE Satellite Solar Wind Electron Proton Alpha Monitor interface reads solar wind proton density and speed. ACE Satellite Magnetometer interface reads x, y and z component strengths of earth’s magnetic field.

What does it mean for a composer not familiar in Astronomy?

“Solar Wind and Earth’s Magnetic Field protect our planet from Cosmic Radiation. Sun modulates everything on Earth, no matter if it is a Revolution, or a War triggered by Sunspot Activity, or increase/decrease of activity causing Ice-Age, or Climate Warming or Evolution Jumps, not to mention Potential Catastrophic Plasma-Eruptions as warned by NASA, historically documented in the cave-art in ten thousands of years ago”, developer Peter Stone comments.

“Set your controls to the sun. If you look for novelty ideas for music, specially if the target is in 2012-boom/doom new-age scenarios.”

Other realtime sources of interest are 3-5 minute captures of Moscow Neutron Monitor, Sweden Kiruna Magnetosphere, global economy stocks, or H1N1 genetic sequences.

Details on this release of Symbolic Composer below.

SCOM The Music Language

  • Music Language, that allows composing music of any style and complexity.
  • Historical & Contemporary Music functions supply the classic compositional tools.
  • Complete Chord, Scale and Microtonal libraries, and you are free to discover your own ones, too.
  • Mathematical Generators & Processors provide advanced fractals, chaos and number-theory functions.
  • Symbolic Generators & Processors allow recursion, l-systems, fibonacci, and other special solutions.
  • Programmable Neurons supply added intelligence to instrumentation.
  • Programmable Phrase Library allows sequential drum and chording pattern generation.
  • Standard MIDI file output. This makes SCOM a perfect partner no matter of the software and hardware you are working with.
  • Build-in HyperHelp & Search helps using the system.
  • Over 1000 Algorithms included, each freely combinable to each other for exponential creative freedom.
    System Requirements

Mac OS 8-9, OSX, PPC and Intel Mac, 1024-4096 MB RAM
Windows 1024-4096 MB RAM


SCOM runs first on Demo Mode, which cancels most functions. Full interface and documentation can be browsed. Authorization restores full functionality.

via Thomas Dolby

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