Tara Busch Remixes Bat For Lashes’ Daniel

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Tara Busch has created a trippy analogue remix of Bat for LashesDaniel and has documented the process in a 9-part series of videos:

Armed with a delicious arsenal of stems from Natasha including Linn Drums, an SCI Prophet 5 & a tear-soaked lead vocal to die for, I set about with the intention to create a remix that would showcase the childlike, deeply emotional characteristics of the lead vocal whilst creating a bed of sonic swoops, ferocious fuzz and sweet blips and bleeps for the vocal to travel in.

Backing vocals and select bits of the lead vocal were lovingly run through a Moogerfooger 102 & 104Z to create an “unsettling” contrast to the sweet lead vocal, and my trusty Pro One was employed to create a snarling, demonic lead synth line. My Farfisa Compact Deluxe and Mellotron MKII strings and flutes held the fairy-like quality intact .

Finally, after much tweaking, stirring, seasoning and singing, “Tara Busch’s AnalogSuicide Mix” was born.

This is a must-watch series that puts you in the studio with Busch as she plays, sings and arranges the remix. Busch shares both her process and the thoughts behind her approach in creating evil Pro One shrieking, recording a rainstorm and processing the vocals through a Moogerfooger MF 102.

You can download the remix here (email form required).

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