Moog Satellite Synthesizer

This is a demo of the rare Moog Satellite, a classic Moog synthesizer from the mid 70’s, but one that was limited by a single oscillator and limited modulation capabilities.

Moog described the Satellite like this:

An electronic music synthesizer is disclosed in which the sound producing chain includes a voltage-controlled oscillator, band-pass filter, low-pass filter, and amplifier in which selected control currents are supplied to low impedance points within the synthesizer circuit from a resistor matrix.

The synthesizer produces sounds approximating different acoustic musical instruments or having different tonal qualities by the application of a predetermined voltage to one of fifteen input columns of the resistor matrix with selected other columns being grounded. The currents provided by the resistor matrix in combination with other externally generated currents control the center frequency and bandwidth of the band-pass filter, the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter, the gain of the voltage-controlled amplifier, the time constants of transient contour currents used to control the filters and amplifier, and the waveform produced by the voltage-controlled oscillator.

Specialized keyboard, waveshaping, contour generating and modulating circuits are also provided.

Moog Satellite Resources:

via AnalogAudio1:

The Moog Satellite is the successor of the rare Minitmoog (not Minimoog). It is built around a solid woodframe – it looks great! It’s a monophonic synthesizer with presets, which can be changed (filter, modulation, LFO, envelope). The filter sounds great, although it’s not the famous 24 db Moog filter. It sounds a bit like the Minikorg 700 or the Farfisa Syntorchestra. I like the meaty, analog sounds of the Satellite, which come to life when using it with delay, phaser, flanger… I played the Moog Satellite with the Roland DEP-5 multi effects processor (for hall and delay).

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