Chilltopia Ambient Soundscape App For The iPhone


Chilltopia is a new iPhone app (App Store link) that combines ambient soundscapes with “eye-popping” graphics.


Chilltopia is an application built around the idea of escape. Chilltopia submerges you in a world of unique design. One where you are greeted by eye-popping visuals from world class designers.

Seamless audio carries the needed frequencies allowing you to completely dive into the world of audio /visual relaxation. The soundscapes featured here are mixed in a way that creates a 360° audio experience, moving and shifting in different sonic patterns.


  • A whole album containing 10 high quality specially composed tracks by BrainStorm Operations
  • 51 pieces of artwork from the best of the collective
  • Three modes of operation — playlist mode, random play mode, loop mode ( forever or timer based)
  • Playlist mode — allows you to sort track ordering and turn on/off individual tracks
  • Random mode — randomly plays enabled tracks
  • Loop mode — follow a single track into infinity with seamless start/end points. Or you can simply set it on a timer.
  • Set graphics interval – change art every 30 seconds, or up to 5 minutes
  • Turn on/off auto-dimming — no need to tap the screen to wake up your device!
  • Fall asleep your favourite track — enable auto-exit in Loop mode
  • Auto-save playlist and play settings
  • Fully operational play/pause/stop buttons and track timing display – double tap graphic screen to access

USAGE NOTE: For maximum user experience, please turn Keyboard Sounds to OFF in your iPhone system settings before using Chilltopia

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