Moogerfoogers Controlled By Reason 4.0

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this post, it’s worth noting that:

  • Controlled By Reason sounds like an unauthorized biography of Leonord Nimoy; and
  • Mark Of The Unicorn is a great name for a music technology company, if it’s the 1980’s and you play a lot of D&D; and
  • Behind every classic Sequential Circuits synth, there’s a guy in a wizard cap.

All that being neither here nor there – this video captures Peff using the Reason/Thor MIDI to CV conversion process with a couple of bad Moogerfoogers:

The MF-107 FreqBox oscillator output is connected directly into the MF-101 Low pass filter. Thor’s key note value, mod wheel, pitch bend, aftertouch, LFO, and envelope generators all modulate the two pedals to create a functional monophonic synthesizer.

See for details.

via PeffTV: moogerfooger MF-107 FreqBox and MF-101 LP Filter controlled by Reason to create a monophonic moogerfooger synthesizer. The Thor Polysonic synthesizer converts MIDI and Reason CV signals into DC signals like MOTU Volta, and using a MOTU 896HD interface, the control signals are routed to the moogerfoogers. The Thor programming matrix allows the signals to be scaled so that the oscillator responds to a musical scale. Also used is a MF-104Z Analog Delay.

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