BT & Sonik Architects’ Sonifi For iPhone & iPod Touch

Torley demos BT & Sonik Architects’ pocket rave – Sonifi for iPhone and iPod touch.

Torley covers Sonifi’s highlights, but also the limitation trying to control an app with tiny buttons on an iPhone screen.

Have you tried Sonifi out? If so leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

via Torley:



Remix, Record, Control dynamic live FX & beautiful visualizers

AND Stutter Edit™….


Create and explore stunning live remixes, FX and visuals with a true first-of-its-kind portable remix engine. Sonifi™ is the worlds first true audio and visual remix application and protocol. Created by electronic superstar BT, this application showcases futuristic new music and remixes of The Rose of Jericho from his forthcoming 2009 artist album.

Sonifi™ is a powerful, portable, real-time remix engine. There are an infinite number of permutations of remixes you can create, mix, save and share….live, and anywhere!!

For iPhone and iPod touch 3.0 users, a revolutionary new multi-player feature has been added. Jam Link gives 3.0 users the ability to link with a friend (via Bluetooth) and remix live….TOGETHER. The mixmaster selects control over “Beats and Bass” or “Melody and Harmony”. Once JamLinked you and your buddy can remix, select tracks and Stutter Edit™ live. This is a first for any application, on any device.

In Sonifi™, four channels of four unique tracks allow extreme flexibility and remix possibilities. The (4×4 matrix of) tracks can be mixed, muted or soloed and contain four completely unique elements and arrangements per-channel. There are four tracks of ripping beats to choose from, four tracks of fat bass lines, four tracks of glitchy synths and FX, and four tracks of cutting edge melodies.

Everything in Sonifi™ happens in-time and on-beat; so making a mix is both fun and effortless. If you are a musician or DJ the sky is the limit! Currently, three discrete real time effects are controllable using the X/Y axis of the iPhone or iPod touch screen : Lo-Fi, resonant high pass filter, and resonant low pass filter.

There are mesmerizing visual elements that respond elegantly to user touch as well as the frequency and amplitude information of your remix. You are not just remixing, you’re visualizing what you are creating.

Finally, Sonifi™ contains BT’s patented Stutter Edit™ technology and is the first application to showcase to its abilities. Instead of using a mouse, USB device, or other input peripheral (like you would with a computer), your phone becomes an instrument!! Simply shake the phone in one of six vectorial directions (left, right, forward, backward, up, or down) and at the next 1/8th note the Stutter Edit plugin will perform an incredible micro-note or fill pattern repeat, some with release crashes and hits. Basically, you shake your phone and sound like a genius.

Endless fun ensues!

Planned upgrades will include downloadable Sonifi™ media packs containing other artists songs and remixes, new visualizer elements and band & artist links.

Let the live remixing BEGIN!!

– English

– Four channels of four tracks (Bass, Beats, Synth / FX and melody) with arrangement
mapping for true and limitless remix options
– Three studio class X/Y controllable FX (Lo-Fi, High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter)
– Stunning and interactive visualizers that respond both to music and touch
– Numerous visual behaviors and screen-sets
– Save, Edit and rework your mix
– First ever use of BT and Sonik Architects Stutter Edit™ technology

iPhone OS 3.0
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (first and second generation)

Sonifi International LLC
Patent Pending Sonik Architects ©™2009

4 thoughts on “BT & Sonik Architects’ Sonifi For iPhone & iPod Touch

  1. im using it as we speak.
    honestly. i dont feel like IM doing much. its kinda just playing music on its own.
    i opened sonifi. with the default settings in place. and all i did was click play. set it down and it basically played a whole entire songs with ups and downs, bridges and leads and everthing.
    what am i really doing with this? the stutter affects way to sensitive.
    the visualization is absolutely fun to watch. it is repeatative though ill admit that.
    hmm so i think its got 24 different ways to listen and mix with this product. not too shabby.
    but not worth the price its going for.

  2. im using it as we speak.
    honestly at first, i was like what am i acctually controlling with this app. i hear good as hell techno music, but where do I come in?
    So I played around with it a little more and started to realize, this is suppose to be a super (and i mean super) way to create, recreate and damnit recreate your own remix to just 1 song from world renowned Trance artist BT.
    BT caught my eyes and ears as a kid growing up in the electronic music world. But I came to this app very biased. Just simple as a pro-sumer consumer with a love for music and remixing. There is quite a few tools and different abilities here for you to take 1 song and turn it into well almost an ever-changing song that you can create with your fingertips. its easy. you learn with your eyes and ears. i like the option to mix, but i don't like the fact that i can't hear what others have mixed as well through the app itself. at least if i could somehow upload it to a site where we could all share our mixes would be nice. but then again, even though I said you can create your own version, its still a remix and a remix is still a part of that original song. So how diverse we can get growing a community from just a app. maybe not the best idea, but I was considering it useful. Maybe in the future. I'm looking forward to more and more songs to be released. So far, im having fun playing with this. And if im lazy, I can sit back, pick a few tabs from the 'lead, synth, bass & beats' area and listen to a full song play before my eyes. Ya thats right, I dont even have to do anything.
    Hopefully with an update, they can fix the sensitivity on the stutter effect.

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