Berklee Synthesizer Performance Ensemble Does Smooth Jazz

This video captures the Berklee College Of Music Piano Department Synthesizer Performance Ensemble at a 2009 student concert, doing a smooth jazz synth jam.

Part 2 below.

The Synthesizer Performance Ensemble:

  • Koichi Komura-Synthesizer
  • Yoon Ah Oh- Synthesizer
  • Pier Luigi Salami- Synthesizer
  • Seonhee Yang- Synthesizer

Ross Ramsay-Faculty Director

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One thought on “Berklee Synthesizer Performance Ensemble Does Smooth Jazz

  1. This brought back memories of synths jams of days long past. I remember organizing a synth ensemble at Berklee circa 1979 with members of the faculty and our collection of Arp odyssey, and Yamaha synthesizers, and assorted stuff. No smooth jazz though, just originals and a wacky cover of the Firebird Suite. I think we called ourselves Mobius.

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