Meeting Of the Knobs 2009


Meeting of the Knobs 2009, a day devoted to tweaking, vintage and modern analog synths and drooling, is scheduled for June 27th, Bedford, Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth area.)

The event will be held from 10am-5pm at the Bedford Library.

Details here.

About the event:

Looking for People to Bring

Modular synthesizers of all kind
Vintage heros like Moog, Arp 2500/2600, Roland 100/700, Oberheim 2V/4V, etc.
DIY instruments
Magazines, Books, Sales Lit


Doors open at 9am
We will order pizza or other take-out for lunch
Photographer will be available for individual and group shots
Close doors at 5pm
Dinner at local cafeteria

Don’t Forget

Extension cords and power strips
Wear a Synth T-Shirt

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