Ableton Live Synth Jam: Making A Track From A Ringtone

Sunday Synth Jam: In this video, Motherbrain (AKA Marc Osborn) creates a complete track in Ableton Livefrom a ringtone sample.

No canned loops (except the ringtone of course) were harmed in the creation of this track, it’s all improvised live looping in Ableton Live. The Live template starts completely blank.

via motherbrain2000:

Ableton live 7
Steinberg Hypersonic for Bass, Rhodes, Drums, and Pad
Ableton ‘Sampler’ for blips and stabs (custom patches)
Native Instruments Pro-53 for lead synth
CamelSpace for processing
Ableton Live’s included effects ‘AutoFilter’ and ‘FilterDelay’
MAudio Keystation 88es
Presonus Firepod (audio interface)
Zoom H4 (to record the output- it’s clearly clipping. I cranked the main volume without thinking)
custom painted qwerty keyboard

yes there are 3 seconds or so in the begining edited out while I adjusted the loop borders for the ringtone, then 4 bars in the middle of the jam and 2 or so bars near the end.

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