Monorocket Modular Synthesizer Cases

monorocket-modular-synthesizer-caseMonorocket has introduced a new line of modular synthesizer cases:

We’re excited to join an ever expanding list of new companies in a growing modular synthesis market.
The Eurorack space alone has nearly doubled in the last year, bringing diversity and even more original ideas at a rate faster than the 3 years that preceded it.

While more designers are developing new tools to generate and manipulate the waveforms, Monorocket seeks to offer newer and more personal solutions to the way modular users interface with them.

Check out the product pages. If you see something you’re interested in – or even if you don’t – contact one of our authorized dealers with your feedback/ideas (or you can contact us directly). We’re ready to build the way you want to play.

TrashAudio has an interview with Steve at Monorocket, who explains what makes their cases special:

Monorockets features fall into three categories: Individual appearance, Individual Application, Pricing Options.

Individual appearance: 40 plus shades/textures of tolex, ATA cases have a choice of veneers (solid colors, metal flake etc)

Individual Application: we’ll vary dimensions to accommodate specific gear set ups, include routed cable channels, create gear mounting solutions, add circuitry and power options (you personally asked about switchable input voltages – 120v vs 240v – it’s already being explored)

Pricing Options: more price tiers between bottom and top No wheels on anything yet. But if that’s what you want, we can do it.

Cases range in price from $500-1,000. Monorocket also handles custom design work.

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