Keith Emerson Synth Jam On ELP’s Knife Edge

Every Sunday, we bring you a sweet Sunday Synth Jam or two.  This week we’ve got a classic synth jam from Keith Emerson.

OK – this is as much of an organ jam as a synth jam, but when you hear Emerson, Lake and Palmer wail on Knife Edge, there will be no quibbles about that sort of thing.

Keith Emerson jams on organ, wails on the synth, engages in onanistic pantomime with a ribbon controller, makes strange electronic mating noises with a spring reverb and then finishes the thing off by playing the organ again, backwards.


via iga0125:

from “Emerson, Lake and Palmer”(1970)- Keith Emerson / keyboards – Greg Lake / vocals, bass, electric & acoustic guitar – Carl Palmer / drums, percussion

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