Roger Powell’s Blue Note Ridge

Keyboardist Roger Powell (Utopia, David Bowie, Meat Loaf) is going unplugged with Blue Note Ridge, a collection of improvisations that embrace classical melody, contemporary harmony and impressionist forms on his debut solo piano album.

Powell is best known for his he electric work with Utopia & Todd Rundgren, and his synthesizer albums Cosmic Furnace (Atlantic) and Air Pocket (Bearsville).

“For many years, I have wanted to release a solo piano recording, as the piano is my main instrument from high school days onward,” notes Powell. “There were a few piano segments and pieces on my other albums, as well as on Utopia recordings, but I had never done a full album of solo piano.”

“The inspiration behind the album was my desire to record some music in a very direct and simple setting: just me and the piano, no synthesizers, electronics or complex mixing,” says Roger. “All the tracks were completely improvised, spontaneously composed. I would just sit down at the piano, turn on the stereo recorder and play. From several hours worth of raw material, we selected a set of pieces that express the overall mood of introspection and exploration.”

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