Way Out Ware Intros iSample iPhone Sampler


Way Out Ware has introduced iSample (App Store link), a powerful, yet simple, sampler for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


  • 6 sample pads with direct to disk recording.
  • Very fast response to pad touches.
  • Up to 6 samples can be played at the same time.
  • Banks of pads can be saved and loaded.
  • Each sample can be looped.
  • A loop lock feature allows you to loop a pad as long as you want.
  • No need to interrupt audio play for any tasks.
  • Samples can continue looping during load and save.
  • Ergonomically designed for the iPhone or iPod touch screen.
  • Even large fingers can play easily.
  • Unique multi-touch recording makes for very fast and accurate mutiple sample captures and accurate slicing of sounds.
  • Record lock feature allows you to create longer recordings without touching the pads.

Way Out Ware iSample retails for $2.99 and is available now.

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