Audio Damage Ronin Now Available, For PC & Mac


Audio Damage has announced the availability of Ronin, a long-deprecated Audio Damage product:

The original returns! One of the long-deprecated Audio Damage products, Ronin hails from a time not so kind nor gentle. This remade version features a new UI, full compatibility with current plug-in standards, and on the Mac side, the best news of all: Universal Binary VST and AU.

What we didn’t change, however, is the sound. Featuring pairs of BBD-style delays, multi-mode filters, saturation, and LFOs, Ronin also is fully modular. You can route the effects however you’d like, including (if you feel like living dangerously) in to themselves. The audio path is entirely modular. Ronin also has an extensive control routing mechanism, including MIDI inputs.

Audio Damage Ronin is $49. Audio demos are available at the site. If you are an owner of Ronin V1.0, this upgrade is free, and is currently in your account in the Audio Damage store.

If you’ve used Audio Damagae Ronin, leave a comment with your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Audio Damage Ronin Now Available, For PC & Mac

  1. I admire Audio Damage's creativity. But their FAQ is puzzling: it's not clear why they don't provide demo versions and why they are set against group buys (which have benefited the profile of other plugins like 2C-Aether). To their credit, their return policy is more generous than most.

    I like seeing different approaches from virtual instrument + effects makers to customer services, and more importantly, what they've learned from it.

  2. Not necessarily. 🙂 If I feel really compelled to buy one or more of their plugins, I'll cover 'em! But it needs to fill a special place in my heart.

    For instance, a variety of my really glitchy and "FX on the go" needs are currently covered by Sugar Bytes' Artillery2. I should note Sugar Bytes has a comparable range of eclecticism and they offer demo versions.

    Trying something out firsthand is fundamental to empirical understanding — I appreciate the extended demos (e.g., more than a 7-day trial) some companies offer nowadays because they let you get used to their product to the point where you've become dependent on it. LIKE A DRUG, AHHHH!

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