Smoke On The Water, On Keytar & Melodica

Ever get tired of going to Guitar Center, or your local music store, and hearing guitarists “shred” on Smoke On The Water?

Check out this strange and wonderful cover of Smoke On The Water, on keytar & Melodica.

It does nothing to disprove the theory of the curse of Herbie Hancock.

But let us not forget, there is hope.

via chuuta2003:

I give it to Mrs. Kusumi of my fan first (and last?) in the “REAL” world.So,,Sorryyyyy,,,,I’m a Foolish man in JAPAN……:(

2 thoughts on “Smoke On The Water, On Keytar & Melodica

  1. I for one will never listen to a record unless the musicans look really, really cool.

    I mean sound is okay and all that, sure. But can they take a Colt 45 to the head? & tats and stuff. Yeh.

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