Kontakt 3.5 Update Lets You Use 32 Gigabytes Of RAM

kontakt-35-samplerNative Instruments has released Kontakt 3.5, a free update for its leading software sampler.

The new version is fully compatible with Windows Vista 64, and takes advantage of 64-bit memory addressing to utilize practically unlimited amounts of RAM. On the Mac, Kontakt 3.5 introduces the new “Kontakt Memory Server” which can make use of up to 32 GByte RAM on OS X 10.4 and beyond.

KONTAKT 3.5 also uses a new “zero-memory” DFD technology for highly efficient disc streaming with a strongly reduced memory footprint, and true multiprocessor support now enables additional performance benefits on modern multi-core and multiprocessor setups.

To better accommodate its arsenal of third-party instrument content, the new Kontakt version displays all installed libraries and Kontakt Player instruments in a virtual rack, giving you an improved overview of even extensive sound collections.

Further enhancements in Kontakt 3.5 include direct MIDI learn for sound parameter controls, improved automapping, individual bypass for effect slots, optimized Pro Tools compatibility on Mac OS X 10.5, KSP aftertouch interpretation, and a localized info pane in six languages.

The 3.5 update is now available as a free download for all owners of Kontakt 3.

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