New Free iPhone Synthesizer – Euno Lite


Euno Lite (App Store link) is a free “new-generation” mobile synth from Electric Ears that features a “sounds as color” interface.


Consisting of three Oscillators, 4 Waveforms (including Ring Modulation) a 6db/12db Filter, an Envelope, a Master Controller set-up alongside its versatile Keyboard facility as well as real-time Pitchbend and Filter Cutoff controllers. euno lite is unique because of 2 things…One, it offers the best sound you can get from a mobile device. Two, its versatile keyboard, offering normal, legato/glissandi and tremolo playing modes as you could have never imagined on an iPhone/iPod touch.

To take most advantage of it, we do recommend to use euno lite with your favorite sequencer or with your favorite FX pedal set together with your guitar amp!

6 thoughts on “New Free iPhone Synthesizer – Euno Lite

  1. I dl-ed it. Very cute, and light interface. I'm not sold on the "pages" paradigm being used for synthesis. It makes it a little clunky, Gah, I hate dials on a touch screen. The ADSR envelope is Spot-On Aces!!! Well done.
    But how exactly would you use it with a sequencer? Seems like a black box toy to me, unless I'm missing something.
    Overall I would say another small step to a usuable synth on th iPhone, Thank goodness I didn't have to pay for it, like some of those half baked iPhone synths out there,

  2. I don't think we need a lot of software synths, as users – but we need a lot of developers working on this if we want to end up with anything that's worth using.

    I still haven't seen any synths on the iPhone that wow me yet.

  3. Hello guys, many thanks for the comments we will def. have them in mind for the future updates,

    The release of euno, euno's lite paid version will def. blow some wigs off. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Stay tuned!

    Electric Rabbit.

  4. Whatever happened to Electric Ears?

    I’m glad I got euno lite, pocketscore and Play Ligeti apps before they went. By the way, Sing ENO is still on the US app store, and euno lite is on the Kenyan or Oman store.

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