In the Hall of the Mountain King – Isao Tomita Style

NSFW: This is an impressively arranged cover of Grieg’s In the Hall Of The Mountain King, in the style of Isao Tomita.

NSFW on account of full-frontal shots of an animated Angelina Jolie naked.

Details on the realization below.

via paulshillitomusic:

Beowulf set to “In the hall of the mountain king” by Edvard Grieg electronically recreated in an Isao Tomita style.

The music was created first then the clips of Beowulf were edited around the music, this I think works well because of the superb look and animation in the film together with the theme of the composition and sounds used.

Robert Zemeckis 2007 Beowulf is completely computer generated using the voices and the looks of the real actors including Ray Winstone, Angelina Jolie and Anthony Hopkins which quite suites the music I recreated, synthesised sounds for synthespians.

Music created using Jupiter 8V, CS-80V, Omnisphere, Virtual String Machine soft synths and arranged and mixed in Cubase 4.

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