Morbius’ Modular Synthesizer Pattern Bussing Demo

Morbius demonstrates pattern bussing with a step sequencer in a Moog-style modular synthesizer.

via morbius001:

This is only a DEMO showing how easily the anlog-modular Q960 sequencer can be used to change sequence patterns ‘on-the-fly’, which is especially great for improvisational work. Imagine you have other music-tracks playing (or even other instruments in a band)… and you wish to change-up how the sequence patterns sound… not just ‘skipping’ notes, but completely re-ordering reset-points. My technique works really well when you’re looking for “that feel” that works with what you’re doing or hearing at that time.

2 thoughts on “Morbius’ Modular Synthesizer Pattern Bussing Demo

  1. Love what your doing. I’m in the process of ordering a beginners package of modules from I’ve played synth & keyboards in bands for years and want to take the step to modular synths. Thanks for showing the way.

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