Science Fiction Inspired By The Ambient Electronica Of Robert Rich

matt-howarth-robert-rich-enriched-visionsAmbient electronica artist Robert Rich sends word that a collection of short stories, Enriched Visions, inspired by his music, is now available in paperback:

A collection of short science fiction and surreal stories by Matt Howarth, based on the compositions of ambient pioneer Robert Rich.

Embark on a series of fantastic voyages, where you’ll encounter:

  • the link between a massive brushfire and aboriginal cave art,
  • a mathematician’s quest into the desert,
  • giant lizards orbiting the Earth,
  • an old man captivated by dancing moss in a park,
  • a kidnapping in the new Ice Age,
  • the music a lonely lighthouse keeper uses to while away the nights,
  • the fate of the last Martians
  • the unnatural hunger of Dame Procol’s new lifeforms,
  • a man in search of amnesia,
  • an antique dealer specializing in artifacts from the 21st Century’s texplosion era,
  • an alien spire that reaches beyond the sky, and more.

This book also features story notes in which Howarth and Rich discuss the connections between the stories and the source music.”

Enriched Visions is available for $17.50.

If you’ve read Enriched Visions, leave a comment with your thoughts!

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