The Acid Symphony Orchestra

Official music video for Acid Symphony Orchestra‘s Diamonds Of The Night.

Taken from the forthcoming Acid Symphony Orchestra 12″ on Turbo recordings.

The Acid Symphony Orchestra’s live perfomances feature 10 Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizers, one TR-707 or a TR-808 drum machine and personnel to operate them.

Composer and conductor:

Jori Hulkkonen

The Orchestra:

Juha Matinmäki
Aku “Huoratron” Raski
Kalle Karvanen
Jussi-Pekka “Monoder” Parikka
Janne “Burdock” Puurunen
Tatu “Mr Velcro Fastener” Peltonen
Kimmo “Acid Kings” Oksanen
Pete “Sintetik” Salonen
Tuomas Toivonen
Johannes “TinMan” Auvinen

3 thoughts on “The Acid Symphony Orchestra

  1. Hey! Weren't some of these guys in Leningrad Cowboys???

    They may be 'Diamonds in the Night' … but they're Zircons in the day!!

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