The Moogist Talks: Making The Most Of 1 Note The Moogist Talks, and looks at what you can do with 1 note on a monophonic Moog Minimoog Voyager synthesizer.

via timtsang3:

What can you do with a single note/sound? Besides its legendary tone, the Moog Synthesizer is known for its monophonic nature – the ability to produce only 1 note at a time. Therefore, the goal of The Moogist is to “think outside the box” with this certain limitation – whatever it takes – to make beautiful music with this amazing machine/instrument. “Moogist Talks”A short film by Tim Tsang, a.k.a. “The Moogist” August 2009 Moogist plays the “Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue” Picture of Voyager taken by Wowee Posadas

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