NSFA: The Electric Sound Of Pus Pustules

We’ve been pretty easy with you lately with our music video selections – but this video may have you running for the sanitary eye wash.

Cotton Museum’s Pus Pustules video promo is sort of NSFA (not safe for anywhere/anyone).

It appears to have been filmed in Disgust-o-rama. Appreciation of this video style is probably limited to fans of David Lynch’s Eraserhead. But it’s got a”throbbing cesspool” of electronic sound.

Here’s what those responsible for Pus Pustules have to say for themselves:

“PUS PUSTULES” is one of the most diseased COTTON MUSEUM recordings to date.

Clocking in at 21 minutes on side A, adorned with with a detailed etching of sickly beasts on side B and a five color silk screened album cover designed by Chris Pottinger. Theremin, Synth, and other odd electronic instruments create a bubbling cesspool of rotting sounds that leak from your stereo speakers like a cancerous sludge. Take a trip through a strange world where you can hear these sickly beasts devouring corpses while insects sting their bodies, leaving them covered with infected welts.

Cotton Museum is a solo electronic noise project from visual artist Chris Pottinger that has been performing for the past seven years.

Limited edition of 400 hand numbered copies, black vinyl with thick chipboard album cover.


More info at TastySoil.com

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