Moog Polymoog Resonator Section

Synth guru Ken Elhardt demos his custom Moog Polymoog Resonator:

This is an unplanned demo I threw together today of a Polymoog 3 Band Resonator that I ripped out of my Polymoog and built into a stand-alone unit for processing sounds.

It consists of three filters in parallel which all be switched to lowpass, bandpass, or highpass modes. Each filter has three controls: frequency, resonance, and amplitude. It’s one of the unique things about the Polymoog synthesizer which you don’t find in any other polyphonic analog synth

What happened to the rest of my Polymoog? I used the Polymoog case to built a coffee table, of which you can see a few pictures at the end of the video. That was sold off.

The rest of my Polymoog was sold for parts to quite a few people. My Polymoog just had too many problems to bother putting in the time and effort to fix.

As always with Elhardt, there’s some deep synthesis going on.

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