Sneak Preview: Curtis Heavy, An iPhone Granular Synthesizer

Remember Curtis (App Store link), the $1 granular synthesizer application for the iPhone?

It’s about to get heavier, as the current version gets new features and morphs into Curtis Heavy:

With Curtis Heavy, you can load your own wav files. They’ve also added a grain range mode.

See below for another video demo!

3 thoughts on “Sneak Preview: Curtis Heavy, An iPhone Granular Synthesizer

  1. Alex – like it or not, the iPhone and iPod touch are where most of the interesting mobile music software development is happening.

    It's the only platform that currently offers developers much of an opportunity to make money.

  2. Yes, i agree about the software, and Curtis Heavy is a bright example, but iPhone has many restrictions (its fully controllable by Apple), plus, it doesn't cost cheap in countries outside the, i can't really see the point of getting a highly priced computer phone only because Steve Jobs has bought everything around us and he is becoming like the "Pizza Hut company in Demolition Man". Also i don't believe that most of the computer musicians in the world have or want an iPhone…its all about trends IMO.

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