Bach’s Bourrée #1, Switched On Bach Style

This is a very nice Switched On (Wendy Carlos style) rendition of Bach’s Bourrée #1 from Orchestral Suite no. 2 on synth.

via syntesen:

For this fast-paced piece from Bach’s second orchestral suite, i chose the Native Instruments Pro53 software synthesizer (emulation of the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5) as the logical continuation from the Moog Modular on the Gavotte (suite #4 in Bm).

Even though the Pro53 only has two oscillators, a single filter, I was able to coax some very nice sounds from it, naturally tuned in Werckmeister III-tuning for maximum authenticity.

The continuo (improvised chordal and ornamental line, typically played with a harpsichord) is one of my finest yet, I believe. And it was fully improvised in one go to guarantee that taste of synthetic authenticity you just don’t find these days 😉

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

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