Phoning It In – The First Album Made Completely On iPhone

Nuclear O’ Reilly produces the world’s first album done entirely on the Apple iPhone.

The album, entitled Phoning It In, was created from start to finish on the iPhone app Beatmaker by Intua Software.

We utilized the Beatmaker app by Intua Software to create this electronic music project. From writing to delivery, the only hardware used was the Apple iPhone. The freedom of this mobile studio app allowed us to create our newest music on the go: at friends’ houses, parties, on the crosstown bus, and on the world famous A train, to name a few spots.

The album is available as a free download (.zip file).

3 thoughts on “Phoning It In – The First Album Made Completely On iPhone

  1. coo! I'm glad someone did it. It's working solely with samples so we're not going to get that layered insanity, but you know lots of good albums are just instrumentation. Me? I like some chopped up effected sound salad.

  2. Interesting.

    It probably won't take long for this sort of thing to be routine.

    It's not long ago that people were debating whether you could DJ or record or mix on a computer?

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