Light Guitar, A Free Audio Unit For Mac OS X


Light Guitar is a free Audio Unit for Mac OS X that reproduces the behavior of the light guitar, a musical instrument that uses light to make music, and allows you to easily customize the sound of the instrument by adjusting various parameters.

Plug in your instrument of choice, load the plugin into your digital audio workstation and enjoy.


  • Frequency Multiplier – Increase/Decrease the size of the guitar body, changing the frequency range of the instrument.
  • Resonance Type – Two different configurations were measured for the Light guitar, one that excites waves on the outer surface of the instrument and one exciting internal modes – both are included and independently selectable.
  • Instrument String – The strings on an acoustic instrument have a large effect on the instrument’s sound and the same effect applies to light instruments. However, a string for a light instrument is a coaxial cable. The real and imaginary impedance of the coaxial cable connected to the light guitar is user selectable.
  • Response Time – The impulse slider lets you change how long the light guitar alters music played through the plug-in.

Download here.

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  1. I confirmed the other day that the light guitar AU does pass AU validation in logic 8 if you give the process a couple minutes.

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