Free Ambient Album: Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Darkness And The Light

free-ambient-albumDarkness And The Light is a new ambient music album from Carl Sagan’s Ghost. It’s available as a free download.

The title is taken from a book written by Olaf Stapledon, a future history of mankind.

Daniel Davis of Carl Sagan’s Ghost explains:

“I like the title because it lacks the word ‘The’ before ‘Darkness’, adding a poetic nuance to the phrase. Without the article ‘the’, the Darkness is indefinite, more vague and nebulous. It’s not The Darkness, it’s just darkness. But The Light is different; it’s a definitive, and singular thing, something to move towards. I think the title reflects the album’s concept.

“Yes, this is a concept albums. But aren’t most ambient releases? It’s my attempt at putting to music a journey from the realms of darkness into the realms of light and the stuff in between. At least this is what it means to me. Music has always been an intensely spiritual thing for me. But music needs to do more than edify the soul; it also needs to charge the mind, and move the body. I hope I’ve accomplished all of these aspects with this album.”

You can preview a track from the album below:

earman091 – Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Darkness and the Light

55:05 – 127 MB

01 – Out of the Darkness I (5:25, 12.7 MB)
02 – Out of the Darkness II (11:00, 25.8 MB)
03 – Out of the Darkness III (6:01, 14.4 MB)
04 – Interlude I (3:50, 8.9 MB)
05 – Interlude II (6:34, 15.4 MB)
06 – Into The Light I (9:35, 22.4 MB)
07 – Into The Light II (6:47, 15.9 MB)
08 – Into The Light III (5:53, 13.8 MB)

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