1967 Moog 900 Series Modular Synthesizer Demo Record

This video marries the audio from a 1967 Moog 900 Series modular synthesizer demo record, which featured Walter/Wendy Carlos, with video of a Moog modular synthesizer.

via jafafah0ts:

A rare vintage demo record for the Moog 900 series synths, released by Moog when they were in Trumansburg, NY.

Music by Wendy Carlos of Switched On Bach fame, narration by Ed Stokes.

There are apparently two versions of this demo record in existence. This one, presumably the first version, with duplicate content on both sides, and a second with excerpts from Switched on Bach on the reverse,

5 thoughts on “1967 Moog 900 Series Modular Synthesizer Demo Record

  1. The system in the video is the CEMS (Coordinated Electronic Music System), originally designed by Joel Chadabe with Bob Moog at the State University of New York at Albany around 1970. It features 8 sequencers controlled by a custom master digital clock (the gray modules in the second rack from the left in the video), along with a full complement of oscillators, filters and so on. It also has a number of other unique modules custom-designed by Moog for this system. The CEMS was recently restored by VEMIA, after many years of disrepair, and is now owned by a synthesist in Italy.

    I studied with Joel Chadabe in the early 70s and spent thousands of hours on this system.

  2. Hi, do I have your permission to add you comment to the description in for the video? It's good info that I think people will find useful and interesting.

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