3 thoughts on “Vangelis-Style Synth Improvisation

  1. Nicely done and a good vote for digging deeper into a modest setup. I especially appreciate his use of a home organ. After all, Vangelis tortured one to death for "L'Apocalypse De Animeaux" and it gave its life for his mods to great effect.
    I have to register a small protest here. I was playing Vangelis on public radio between '79 and '86, so I've been immersed in his work for a long time, with accompanying high regard. Many people are copying his sound and Jarre's a lot lately and accurately, but don't you want to take that somewhere new or higher? Me-too just means you sound like someone ELSE. Don't make it too easy for yourself; stretch out a little more. A synth rig should be more than a sideways digital player piano. Now if someone could do an accurate emulation of almost anything by Oregon or a gem like Michel Sanchez's "Windows," I'd be even more impressed!

  2. I was impressed by Avigoorn's lush sound. I don't mind the similarities to Vangelis' sound.

    Does every composer have to reinvent the orchestra? No – they just need to use it in an original way.

    If you worry too much about novelty, your music will be dated quickly.

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