New System Turns You Into A Bionic Pianist

When I was a kid, the Six Million Dollar Man showed that the combination of bionics and the human body could create a sort of ubermensh, better, stronger, faster – and able to fight off bad guys and jump over walls in slow motion.

But that won’t work on a piano.

Concert Hands, though, might just turn you into a bionic pianist.

Concert Hands incorporates Augmented Musical Instrument Technology (cue the cheesy bionic sound effect).

The four main components are the software, controller box, ten finger sleeves, and two wrist pilots.

The software takes the song file and converts it to a proprietary file system where the controller box distributes the signal to the wrist pilots and finger sleeves. The finger sleeves are placed on all fingers of both hands and the users wrists lay gently on the wrist pilots. When the music begins the wrists pilots guide your hands across the piano to a specific location and the finger sleeves receive a pulse to indicate which key to press.

The idea is after a period of time the repetitive motions and signals will develop muscle memory within the end user and enable him or her to play their favorite songs on their own.

Check out the videos and tell me if you think it would be wrong to hook up a bunch of kids to these, feed the system some John Cage piano music and see what happens.

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