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August 21st is the anniversary of Bob Moog‘s death. Few people have changed music to the degree of Robert Moog.

Ileana Grams-Moog, Moog’s wife at his death, posted her thoughts on Bob Moog at the Caring Bridge site:

When people have been as much a source of happiness as Bob was for me and so many others, their legacy of good keeps growing, it seems to me.  I know that thousands of you cherish the memory of the time you met Bob and talked to him, or of the first time you played a Minimoog, or the talk you heard him give.  Every time you remember, that event lives again and gives you new pleasure–and makes Bob alive still in you.

This is what it is like for me.  It is a rare thing when someone who contributed as much to a field as Bob did to music is also a genuinely wonderful human being, as he was.  It was a blessing to have shared his life for the years we had, and I am truly grateful.

Bob Moog himself shared his thought on living on through his instruments in Hans Fjellestad’s documentary, Moog. A segment is embedded below, but see the full movie, if you haven’t already.

Here are five more ways to remember the legacy of Bob Moog:

And if you’ve got a personal memory of Bob Moog, or your first experience with a Moog synth, leave a comment below!

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  1. My encounters with Bob Moog began at Queens College, Queens NY while studying computer music with H. Howe Jr. in 1969. Next milestone was in Geneva Switzerland where I was fortunate to meet he and his wife in 1975- I served as interpreter at the Conservatory of Music as he demonstrated the MOOG3 purchased in Gemany. I also spent some time with him and Patrick Moraz testing the Polymoog along with Jacques Guyonnet. That synthesizer acoompanied me in my teaching straight up to my retirement in 2006. Some of these events are related in a forthcoming book concerning the history of electronic and computer music in Switzerland.
    All my best wishes to his loved ones.
    [email protected]

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