Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygen 6 On Elka EP-8

Sunday Synth Jam: This is a cover of Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygen 6 on Elka EP-8, showcasing the EP-8’s distinctive sound.

via organfairy:

This is a re-run (notice the hair) of one of my first videos ever. Unfortunately the original post was removed when somebody claimed that their copyrights were violated. But I have read that the composer himself – Jean Michel Jarre – has given permission for amateur performances of his music here on YT. So I’m re-posting this allmost historical video.

The music is made in two layers. The first layer is recorded on the tape you can see running on the tape deck. The other layer is the one I’m doing while recording the video. The rhytm comes from the old (1977) Elka Preludeo 22L. The other voices are played on the Elka EP-8.

One thought on “Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygen 6 On Elka EP-8

  1. Great! What a nice song, it makes me fly…
    Performer was great to, very precise in notes. Good Job!
    Master Jarre surely appreciate this!

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