Vangelis’s We Were All Uprooted, From Earth

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s another nice synth jam via mik300z, a cover of Vangelis’ We Were All Uprooted, From Earth:

A piece from Vangelis’ first solo album Earth.

Thanks to a certain youtuber (cheers Phil) who sent me the album at the beginning of the summer, It just grows on you, the unique unworldly atmospherics of organ and percussion.

Hope you like the video, tried to keep everything like 1974!

  • Akai s3000- percussion and rain effect
  • Juno G- organ, jamisen ,percussion, whistle, thunder
  • Microkorg and Juno 106 -bassJuno 6 -haunting lead
  • Korg x5 – mandolin
  • Drum sequence- ESQ1

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  1. Cheers for the comment Gordon!, and the link, I just signed up. Looks like a good, informative site . Probably see you there!

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