Acid Girls’ The Numbers Song

NSFW: The video for Acid Girls’ The Numbers Song looks like it might have been inspired by the American Apparel catalog, but through a twisted lens:

This video follows 4 female roommates and something isn’t quite right with 3. There’s a little ‘Single White Female’ vibe going on here. Can you tell when things start to go wrong? 🙂

Los Angeles DJ and production duo Acid Girls, aka Gregory Bowler and Jamie McNeil, are releasing The Number Song via IHEARTCOMIX on September 1st.

2 thoughts on “Acid Girls’ The Numbers Song

  1. None of my computers play Vimeos properly – they're always jittery and glitchy – so I don't know if this is supposed to be jittery and glitchy for effect or if I'm missing something. Anyway, I don't get the video, and the sound doesn't do anything for me.

    Please explain what's happening.

  2. It's a jittery and glitchy video, featuring beautiful women in a mysterious story, that's either "cool" or "really lame", depending on your perspective.

    I think that Vimeo defaults to a higher quality than YouTube. This is great if you've got a fast Intenret connection and fairly recent machine, but not so cool if your setup isn't quite so current.

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