Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard – An $80 Keytar!

Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard

Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas?

CDM’s Peter Kirn asks “What if I told you you could get a cute, light little keyboard with MIDI DIN, intelligent MIDI mappings, and two great-feeling synth action octaves, all in a strap-on form factor with battery power, for $80?”

A keytar style MIDI controller for $80?

Tell me more!

Rock Band 3 has a new Pro mode, a “power-user” mode designed to let you build and take advantage of traditional musical skills. Each of the new Rock Band 3 controllers has been designed to be less like a game controller and more like a musical instrument.

As a result, the Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard has some interesting features for an $80 game controller:

  • Standard hardware MIDI out lets you use it as a MIDI keyboard
  • Battery powered
  • Velocity sensitive keys
  • Modulation touch-strip on the grip
  • You can also play Rock Band 3 with it!

While we make fun of keytars and their magical ability to make most guys look like mouth-breathers, the Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard means that Rock Band gamers are paying for all the R&D, and you get a sweet cheap keytar.

At $80, it’s cheap enough that you could paint it, circuit bend it or use it as the basis for a DIY controller and not have any regrets. It will be interesting to see how people use these.

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