Roland Intros Juno-Di Mobile Synthesizer


Roland has announced general availability of the new JUNO-Di Mobile Synthesizer.

The Roland Juno-Di is designed for the musician on the go, providing a wide array of sounds in a lightweight, portable design.

The JUNO-Di is now shipping with an MSRP of $799.00.

Details below.

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Weighing in at just under 12 pounds, the battery-powered Juno-Di can be played anywhere. Plug the Juno-Di into a portable amplifier such as the Roland CUBE Street or MOBILE CUBE for instant amplification, or plug in headphones for quiet practice.

With eight Ni-MH AA-size rechargeable batteries, the JUNO-Di can go for up to five hours without being plugged in.

The 61-note synth-action JUNO-Di boasts over 1,000 diverse customizable sounds to fit any style of music, including grand and electric pianos, modern synth sounds, lush strings, beautiful guitars, powerful brass, percussion, and banks of exotic instruments. Simple navigation with dedicated category buttons and the large LCD display ensures players can recall and perform their favorite sounds on the fly.

In addition to a world-class sound engine and extreme portability, the JUNO-Di offers an array of features for the live performer. Process vocals live through its microphone input, built-in vocoder, and dedicated reverb. And with its USB memory port and song player function, the JUNO-Di enables direct playback and control of MP3, .WAV, AIFF, and SMF sound files with dedicated transport controls on the front panel.

4 thoughts on “Roland Intros Juno-Di Mobile Synthesizer

  1. hi nice sharing here…
    I was searching this stuff only.One of my friend has told me about this JUNO-Di Mobile Synthesizer.I was very exited to read some stuff of it.I really enjoy to read this article.I would like to know more features of it…

  2. Seriously considering purchasing one…tried one out at a local music store, it does have amazing sounds; I’ve read many reviews, some have had trouble with the software, it’s possible they have an older computer that needs to be upgraded.

    Many pro musicians/synth enthusiasts I talked to on Facebook recommended other synths, said this is not a good one to use…some did say it’s worth the price, but a more pro synth is a better choice…I’m still thinking about this one, first saw it in a catalog and wanted it. Roland makes quality synths, this one looks and sounds great!

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