The 2009 Kyma Symposium

The First International Kyma Symposium is scheduled for 8-10 October 2009 in Barcelona.

Unidentified Sound Object has announced plans to live blog the event, which sounds like it will be a great event for Kyma users.

A copy of the preliminary schedule is included below. See the erutufon forum for the latest details.

Kyma Symposium in Barcelona 8-10 October 2009
Preliminary Program (as of 31 August 2009)

THURS (8 October 2009)
18:00 meet & greet
w/ DJ Pacarana: installation created by Cristian Vogel with participation of the international Kyma user community
21:00 Dinner at nearby restaurant (no host)

11:00 Welcome
11:30 Carla Scaletti & Kurt Hebel: “Recombinance Makes Us Human”: Philosophy of Kyma
Demo of Recently Added Features
14:00 —Lunch at Bharma
16:00 Camille Troillard: New Developments in OSCulator (1 hour)
17:00 Hector Bravo-Benard: Using the AC Toolbox with Kyma (30′ lecture + 10′ piece)
17:45—-Coffee Break—-
18:00 Cristian Vogel: The Black Swan: Composing with Kyma for Dance (1 hour)
19:00 Eckard Vossas: Improvising with Kyma: Miniaturen X, Cecil Variations B, Lehnade 2: (30′)
19:45—Break for concert setup–

20:00 Franz Danksagmüller: Kökarlen: Silent film + voice +live Kyma & voice (~2 hrs)
22:00 tear down, Dinner together nearby (no host)

11:00 Carla Scaletti & Kurt Hebel: Composing with Kyma: Vector spaces, Timeless nonlinear timelines, sequencing
CapyTalk, Smalltalk, Tools
14:00 —Lunch at Bharma
16:00 Bruno Liberda: siebenmal gefärbt: Addicted to Kyma (1 hour)
17:00 Cristian Vogel: Kyma in the Club: The Never Engine (1 hour)
18:00 —break— (set up and sound checks for concert)

19:00 SAT CONCERT at Niu
* Carla Scaletti: SlipStick for Continuum and Kyma (~10′)
* Marin Vrbica: Tiger in the Jungle: Video + Live Performer (~10′)
* Hector Bravo-Benard: Styrotron: Live Kyma performance (~10′)


* Franz Danksagmüller: Frtiz Lang’s Metropolis: Silent film + Live Kyma accompaniment (~30′)
21:00 Tear down
22:00 Celebratory Dinner together
1:30 AM * Cristian Vogel: Never Engine (Live Kyma!)
The Moog

Informal breakfast and lunch, consulting, meetings, demos, sightseeing, travel day

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