AlgoMusic CZynthia Phase Distortion Synthesizer


AlgoMusic has introduced CZynthia, a VSTi based on the classic Casio CZ synthesizer line.

You can preview the sound of CZynthia below:



  • Two Phase Distortion Oscillator sections each offering two sets of 8 waveforms.
  • Three 8 stage envelopes each synth for control of pitch, phase and amplitude.
  • LFO (BPM synced or free running) offering 22 waveforms, rate and delay with pitch and phase destinations.
  • Pulsar module for algorithmic style pitch/phase modulation. (BPM synced)
  • Ring modulation, detune and transpose controls
  • Volume and panorama controls for stereo imaging and master volume.
  • Scale generator for force scaling of notes. Choice of 8 scales with root key selection.
  • Powerful multi FX section offering 7 simultaneous stereo effects: EQ, Rotor, Metal, Wah, Delay, Chorus, Reverb.

CZynthia retails for $39.95 / €27.95. A demo is available.

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