Create Music Fast with Music Creator 5

Create Music Fast with Music Creator 5

via CakewalkSoftware:

No previous recording experience is required when you launch Cakewalks Music Creator 5! Its video tutorials and getting started guide assists you through installation and setup, making it easier for you to plug in your microphone, MIDI controller, guitar or any other instrument and immediately start recording. MC 5 features a brand new, simplified user interface with drag and drop editing options, new track templates and assistant tools. Don’t have a band? Add your own backing tracks with MC 5s pre-loaded loops or create your own with the hundreds of virtual instruments and effects, included in the software. When youre finished with your project, burn it to CD or upload it to your website, blog and MySpace page to share with friends.

5 thoughts on “Create Music Fast with Music Creator 5

  1. Well I just recently bought MC5 and let me tell you stay ta hell away from it, is sucks, is is hard to use, still has many software bugs. Very little help from cakewalk support, I will never ever buy anything from cakewalk again. The loop area is horrible it is hard to use poor laid out. I tried to lay down just a simple blues drum and bass track and they do not even exist in MC5. It is the worst product to date I have ever used, Cakewalk should hang there heads on this program in shame. DO NOT BUY MUSIC CREATOR 5 IT IS JUNK.

  2. I agree. I’ve been playing around with MC5 for 2 days straight and still have no clue how to use it. All the online tutorials and forums are useless. All I want to do is make my own drum beats so I can play along on guitar and it is beyond me how this is done. A waste of $70 (AUD)! FL Studios is a much better product.

  3. On my tools option panel there is no cd burne or publisher interface I can not use this product to burn cds cause there is no burner option to press.

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