The Sound Of Dark Energy

A lot of people are excited about the new Doepfer Dark Energy, a mini analog patchable synthesizer.

Here is a collection of audio demos from some of the early users. See our earlier posts on the Doepfer Dark Energy for more info.

via darenager:

Doepfer Dark Energy sequenced by Elektron Machinedrum.

Using the Dark Energy as an acid synth, the Machinedrum provides all the drums, the accents and slides are sequenced using velocity and pitchbend.

No compression or EQ just a bit of space echo on the Doepfer.

via twelvebits:

A quick tune to demo this very powerful little monosynth. ALL sounds come from the Doepfer, even the chords, as they are multitracked. Recorded into Logic 8 with slight processing (EQ, compression and reverb). In the video I only tweak the bass sound.

I totally dig this synth. It has a great sounding VCO and very snappy envelopes. IMO it has much more balls than the DSI Evolver!

via orishastatic:

Short track made using only a mulitracked Doepfer Dark Energy. No effects are used, just plain raw Dark Energy.

via OculoRapido:

Test drive of the Doepfer Dark Energy (right channel), MIDI sequenced by a Future Retro Revolution (left channel). Ambient dronespace and mixdown provided by Blacet/Metalbox/Wiard/Cynthia modular synthesizer system. The Dark Energy uses the Popcorn parameter setup described in the Doepfer manual (page 38): VCO and LFOs off, with the VCF set to self-resonate with a simple A/D envelope.

If you’ve got a Doepfer Dark Energy of your own, leave a link to any audio or video demos you’ve made!

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