Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano Official Details!


We’ve finally got some official details from Korg on the new Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano.

According to Korg:

The SV-1 offers the most complete compendium of hit-making vintage electric pianos, funky clavs, classic and cult-fave organs, string machines, analog/digital electronic contenders and world-class acoustic pianos ever available in a single instrument. Available in lightweight 73-key and 88-key models, the SV-1 features Korg’s premium RH3 Real Graded Hammer Action for a solid, expressive feel.

The SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano will be available early November 2009. The 73-key SV-173 will carry an MSRP of $2700.00; the 88-key SV-188 will carry an MSRP of $3000.00.


The SV-1 recreates the look, feel and satisfaction of performing on a vintage instrument. The SV-1 provides a streamlined front panel where each knob serves a single function and LED indicators cue the performer to each knob’s current setting. Pressing any knob recalls its original saved setting. Eight FAVORITES buttons operate much like car radio buttons, bringing needed sounds within fingertip access.

Crafted using Korg’s RX (Real eXperience) Technology, each of the 36 onboard sounds is a detailed and authentic re-creation (complete list below). The RX engine accurately captures the full range of expression and dynamics of the original instruments, including the snap of the tine, release of the hammer, click of the contacts and other definitive sonic elements.

The SV-1 also re-creates the effect pedals and studio processing that gave these sounds their original character. In addition, the proven, tube-driven (12AX7) Valve Reactor circuit combines with period-accurate amplifier modeling to deliver the warmth, bite and snarl that brings these sounds to life. Each of the tone modifying sections features its own dedicated On/Off switch and controls for easy editing.

The SV-1 can be transposed into any key, and the tuning can be adjusted to match another instrument or existing track. Eight velocity curves match the keyboard response to any playing style. Unlike the original instruments, the SV-1 is virtually maintenance-free and always in tune.

Korg’s free Editing Software provides an extra level of programming, with access to additional parameters for the technically savvy player. The software can also be used to organize sounds into gig-ready setlists, and for sharing and downloading new sounds that will be made available in the near future. Standard MIDI jacks (In, Out) as well as a USB MIDI connection are provided. An optional stand and rolling soft case are available.

The SV-1 features balanced XLR and _” outputs, eliminating the need for noisy or costly direct boxes. Convenient audio inputs are also provided, along with a front-mounted headphone jack.

A half-damping sustain pedal is included. Two aux pedal inputs can accommodate an additional switch pedal and an additional sweep pedal (to control the Wah effect and Rotary speed, for example). Both inputs can accept switch pedals, providing the Soft and Sostenuto pedals for the piano performer.


  • Bank 1 – Electric Piano 1: Tine Electric Piano (x4); VPM Piano (X2)
  • Bank 2 – Electric Piano 2: Reed Electric Piano (x2);Electro-Acoustic Grand; Korg SG-1D;
  • 1980’s Synth Piano; MIDI Grand
  • Bank 3 – Clav: Clav (x4); Plucked Reed Piano-ette; Transistor Piano
  • Bank 4 – Piano: Bright Japanese Grand; Smooth European Grand; Mono Grand; Upright Piano; Piano + Strings; Piano + Pad
  • Bank 5 – Organ: Tonewheel (x3); USA Tube Console; Italian Combo; VOX Combo
  • Bank 6 – Other: Real Strings; Tape Strings; String Machine; Real Choir; Synth Brass;
  • Sharp Brass


  • Equalizer: Bass, Mid, Treble
  • Pre FX: Compression; Boost; U-Vibe; Chorus/Vibrato; Tremolo; Wah (Pedal or Auto)
  • Amp Model: Clean; California; Tweed; AC30; Mod’ed OverDrive; Organ Hi-Gain OverDrive
  • Modulation FX: Chorus 1; Chorus 2; Phaser 1; Phaser 2; Flanger; Rotary (Fast/Slow switch)
  • Reverb/Delay: Room; Plate; Hall; Spring; Tape Echo; Stereo Delay (Tap-Tempo)

3 thoughts on “Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano Official Details!

  1. $3K? Whoa that's EXPENSIVE… Then again, its direct (only?) competitor is the (also red!) Clavia Stage, which is also in that same (too expensive for what it is) price range.

  2. I love the look of this synth, but at the same time and wondering if the cool retro-nuvo look has something to do with the hefty $2700 – $3000 price tag? I guess I would have to hear this in person. Are there any cool demos?

  3. street price on the 88 key is $2200. not bad at all for an axe with actual knobs, buttons, and a tube, if it is everything they say it is with regards to feel and sound.

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