MOTU Digital Performer 7

motu-digital-performer-7MOTU has introduced Digital Performer 7, the latest version of its digital audio workstation.

Digital Performer 7 offers new features, enhanced operation and improved performance:

  • Custom ’59 – A meticulously detailed guitar amp emulator modeled after all-time classics from Fender® and Marshall.
  • Live Room | G – A superb physical modeling speaker cabinet emulator with four mixable mics (close, near and far) and 3-band EQ per mic.
  • Guitar pedals – A new suite of stunningly accurate classic guitar pedals modeled after all-time favorites from Boss, Ibanez & others.
  • Inline EQ & dynamics – Control DP’s multi-band graphic EQ and vintage dynamics processing directly in each Mixing Board channel.
  • Channel Strip – Gain instant access to all mixer channel settings for the track you are working on in any Editor window.
  • Lead sheets – Create and print lead sheets, complete with lyrics and transposable chord symbols.

Additional DP7 new features include:

  • Freely resizable Counter – Resize the Counter window to any size you wish, even the entire width of your screen.
  • Marker Counter – Display markers in large type in the resizable Counter window. Use markers as a teleprompter for lyrics during live performance or recording sessions.
  • Consolidated V-Racks – Display V-Rack virtual instruments and effects side by side with disk tracks in the Mixing Board.
  • Lyrics – Type in lyrics directly below notes on the QuickScribe page. Or paste them into the Lyric window from your word processor and flow them into a track with one click.
  • Transposable chord symbols – Add complex chord symbols directly on the page and transpose them at any time, together with or independently from notes.
  • QuickScribe notation enhancements – Numerous enhancements give you even more control over the look of your score and help speed your notation workflow.
  • Support for Pro Tools 8 – Industry-leading support for operation as a complete software front-end for Pro Tools | HD systems.
  • Info Bar mixer controls – Get instant access to mixer channel settings in any editor window that follow the track you’re working on.
  • Next-generation sample rate conversion – A new ultra-fast, CPU-efficient sample rate conversion algorithm delivers increased precision, efficiency, and transparency, with an astonishing 138 dB signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Real-time crossfades – All crossfades are now computed in real time for lightning fast edits.
  • Wave64 support – Support for the industry standard Wave64 extension to the Broadcast WAVE file format lets you record and import audio files larger than 4GB.
  • Range automation modes – Raise, lower or write automation moves within any selected range, preserving everything before and after.
  • Audio Units instrument side chains – Route side chain inputs to all your favorite third-party Audio Units plug-ins.