Halo Harp For The iPhone

This is an introduction to a Halo Harp (App Store link) a new iPhone music app:

Halo Harp is a musical instrument that makes it easy to play chords in any key.

In addition to being a versatile accompanying instrument, Halo Harp facilitates songwriting by allowing songwriters to play full chords with only one finger. Since Halo Harpists don’t need to contort their hands or worry about what their left pinkie is up to, they can focus on more important parts of the creative process, like the music.

via MichaelKrzyzaniak

One thought on “Halo Harp For The iPhone

  1. Me likey! Recommended.

    The timbre control gives a good range of bizarre sounds. The only suggestion I have for improvement is that the Major / Minor control would be more useful if it jumped to the relative minor of the major key, e.g. C major to A minor.

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