An Interview With Chris Kilmore Of Incubus


Moog Music has published a nice interview with Chris Kilmore, of Incubus.

In the interview, Kilmore discusses how he uses his Moog gear:

When I first moved to LA in October of ’95, I met a friend named Danny. He was the boyfriend of a girl I knew and was in LA to attend Cal Arts film school. We hit it off because we were both into music and film. I had just graduated from the George Washington University with a radio/tv/film degree. I moved to LA to get into foley work or some kind of film related job.

used to go up to Danny’s place in Valencia. It was like E.T. meets blacksploitation. I wish I had a pic of his place. It was black lights, lava lamps, b-rated film posters, zodiac signs, Star Wars sheets and Parliament records… oh and Minimoogs!!! It was like the ultimate clash of pop cultures.

I would bring my decks and samplers, and we’d just sit around and dissect funk records looking for cool samples. We would smoke a lot of weed, and he would go off about Bernie Worrell and his sounds. And in no time we’d have the Minimoog hooked up to the decks. It was sci-fi heaven after that.

I was into the sounds we were making. We would sample ourselves, make our own songs (some better than others) and have a lot of fun just experimenting with the sounds. I spent a lot of time on his Minimoog. It definitely was like learning a new language. I had no clue what I was doing, sometimes I would turn the thing on and couldn’t get any sound out of it (what I now know wasn’t only my problem). I eventually figured it out and started making my own scratch records that were heavily Moog influenced. Those records played a big part in my early years with Incubus.

See the full interview at the Moog site.

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